Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trek across the right bank

I spent this day traipsing back and forth across the 1st and 4th arrondissements. After five hours of walking around, I'm still not sure if I'm entirely familiar with these neighborhoods.I started in the Jardins des Tuileries.I had planned to visit the Louvre but wasn't able to provide sufficient proof of being a teacher to get my Louvre Carte Professionel. So I gazed at the flowers outside instead.The place de la ConcordeL'Église Saint-EustacheWalked over to Les Halles and the Centre Pompidou, and then circled back and headed down to the Palais Royale.The gardens here are beautiful too.I ended up here at La Madeleine, then went off to a tutoring session on Rue St. Honoré.

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  1. I am so enjoying this, Katie. Have you been back to the little cafe right next to St. Eustache, where we had lunch that day?