Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday afternoon

Today was the most glorious day since I've been in Paris. Sunny, warm, bright blue skies. I snapped these shots of Invalides and the Pont Alexandre glinting in the sunlight on the way to church.After church I planned to take a 1 Euro bicycle ride on the rentable velos that are stationed all around the city (since my foot was still hurting.) But the darn machines wouldn't take my credit card. So instead I walked around the 7th a little.
Then I went to the parc montsouris, a half-hour walk or 10 minute tram ride from my apartment, for a picnic.Stopped in a boulangerie to pick up a sandwich and an orangina for my lunch.I wasn't the only one with this idea.One of the nice things about this park is that you're actually allowed to sit on the lawn.
On the other hand, the flowers are nothing elaborate. But that's ok. I got my green fix for the day.

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