Monday, April 4, 2011

Bois de Boulogne

I finally visited the Bois de Boulogne this past weekend--it was gloriously warm and sunny on Saturday.I tried to find the Parc de Bagatelles but no luck. So instead I walked around the little lake.
This is the most green I've seen in Paris, I think.To get there, I took the metro over to Pont de Neuilly.This is looking west towards La Défense (just beyond the border of Paris.)And this is looking back towards l'Etoile and the Arc de Triomphe.Walking down along the Seine towards the Bois de Boulogne.

I am behind on posting so here are a few random shots from the past week or so.Eating dinner at Kristin & Mike's (with their friend Andréas) last week.Flowers at Place d'Italie, where the American church choir gave a concert at the Mairie du 13ème last week.The beautiful sky when I left handbell choir rehearsal at 8pm tonight.The American church at dusk.The lovely apartment where I am once again cat-sitting.

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