Thursday, February 24, 2011

Canal St. Martin

On Tuesday afternoon I finally walked the length of the Canal St. Martin. I went with my friend Kristin--we walked from her place at Republique...passing by this sweet-looking boulangerie called Du Pain et des Idées (they have all these vintage tins in the windows) and over to the canal and up to Stalingrad. My pictures don't do it justice but it was a nice walk. I imagine it will be even nicer when the trees are green. At Stalingrad the waterway turns into the Canal St. Ourq...we walked up this to our school at Crimée so Kristin could register.And here's a picture of a get-together with a couple of gals from my class at the Sorbonne, Halina and Monica. We met on Thursday afternoon for a drink at a very nice, cozy cafe called Les Editeurs at Odéon.

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