Thursday, September 16, 2010

Les jardins de Luxembourg

My first day in Paris. I take the bus and then the train from Bagneux, a little town in the suburbs, into the city and emerge from the Metro at Luxembourg. I don't even pause to get my bearings, but immediately head into the gardens. Never mind the crowds of tourists and Parisians on their lunch breaks--it is an oasis of calm. The grounds are vast...there's plenty of room for everyone. I sit on a bench, breathe deeply and take it all in.


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures, Katie! Before I saw these pictures, I was jealous of you living in Paris, but it was in a detached, abstract way. Now I am jealous in a much more emotional, visceral way. Next thing you know you will post pictures of the amazing pastries you have been enjoying, and then I will be really pissed. :) Hope you are doing well! Anne

  2. OK Anne. Today I'm going to post a picture of the pain suisse I will be eating for breakfast. It's even better than pain au chocolat.