Thursday, September 30, 2010

Arguably the oldest house in Paris

...or so I was told. It's in a very cool area near Strasbourg St. Denis in the 10th. I made a new friend who lives over there. We had lunch at an excellent Vietnamese place nearby. Then I headed back to school to take care of some things, and found out which French class I was placed in. I'm in advanced!Afterwards, I headed back over to my favorite spot in the city, the Luxembourg gardens. On the way I bought a religieuse. This is my friend's favorite French pastry, and since she should know--she's a pastry chef--I figured I should sample one without delay. It's kind of like a mini cream puff stacked on top of a bigger cream puff, and supposedly it resembles a nun.It was heavenly. This is where I sat and ate it.

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