Monday, April 9, 2012

The people in my neighborhood

I did not take many pictures of buildings or sunsets or places in Paris this spring.  Nor did I take many pictures of people.  But fortunately my friend Kristin did.  So here are some shots of the cast of characters in my daily life....

Here are Kristin and Mike, two of my first friends in Paris, and the reason I know so many of the rest of the people pictured below:
 These are my friends Ariane and Jérôme, a very lovely cross-cultural couple.
 Jérôme and me
Sara and Kristin
 The cute little lady who sings old French songs at La Vielle Belleville.  
(She is not a fixture in my daily life.)
Sara and Ariane   
 Christine and me, sitting around in Kristin's apartment while
she probably cooks us something delicious...
Audra, who doesn't need a pink wig to be entertaining...
 Kristin the pastry chef with one of her amazing creations
 Ariane and Michael
 Audra, Sara, and Anna, Kristin's trio of crazy sous-chef
 My lovely, sweet, witty and wacky roommate Céline

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