Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back in Paris

A month or so ago a friend told me about a little neighborhood called the Cité Florale near Cité Universitaire in the 14th, which is not too far from where I live. So today, when I forced myself to venture out for a walk (still feeling extremely groggy and jet-lagged) I took the tram over there and wandered around until I managed to find it. It was tiny but adorable, as she had said.You can still see the tops of the ugly buildings in the surrounding area peeking above these little cottages.But this little cluster of homes itself is so sweet.It doesn't feel like Paris at all.On the trip over there, I was happy to spot some posters on the tramway displaying poetry. Since I just discovered Jacques Prévert this fall and am now a big fan, I snapped a picture of this one of his.

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  1. Katie, did I never share the songs of Kosma with you? Watch this. It's Juliette Greco singing one of my favorite Kosma/Prevert songs. She sings it in a very low key. The original key is higher, perfect for a soprano! While you're in Paris, see if you can buy the Kosma volumes. They are great! I always try to get someone to sing them, but no one seems to like it as much as I do. Here it is, enjoy!